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Hi, I'm Jason


Professionally, I'm a data engineer. I ran for San Francisco Community College Board in 2015 during the accreditation crisis. Since then, I've travelled the country, and returned home in 2021. Through strokes of fate, I’ve experienced severe poverty during the pandemic, including living half a year out of my car. It’s difficult to comprehend that predicament, the tools just aren’t there for people to fight their way out of poverty. You can either lock yourself behind a McDonald's counter for 40 hours a week, or stay homeless. Education is the third option. 


If you want to learn about my career, you can check out my LinkedIn. If you want to know more about me, check out my annual blog


Equality Meets Opportunity

Everyone has the right to their own body and a fair chance at a dignified life. Our country strives for equity, but many people do get left behind. That’s why I believe City College should always be free for all San Franciscans, because it gives everyone in our city a chance to fight for a dignified life, no matter their background, age, or history. Removing barriers to education is the only way to help people out of the poverty trap.

To accomplish this, City College needs to meet its due diligence. City College isn’t a destination, it’s a stepping stone to the rest of your life. Investments in the fundamentals of academics and student services are key, but so is the growth of support staff such as academic advisors. Many people who first enter City College do not have an idea of what they want out of the experience, and having someone to guide them through will reduce the time spent at City College and more on enjoying a boundless life afterwards.


I intend to keep City College free for San Franciscans forever and always, streamline requirements for graduation, and increase access to physical and digital classrooms.

  • Keep education a free public good
  • Streamline coursework for graduation
  • Provide ease of access to physical and digital classrooms

Grow City College

A Path Forward

Budget Crisis

Mass layoffs in any organization, whether business or education, is the fault of the administration. This can range from misguided forecasts, to the inability to take leadership during a crisis. However, many other factors contributed to City College's dilemma, including decreased enrollment during the pandemic, reduced interest in enrolling in City College due to its educational record, and a lack of programs to drive new enrollment. We need growth, not cuts. 


City College needs to build recruitment partnerships with local companies to both generate revenue for itself and strengthen the San Francisco Bay Area economy by providing skilled and relevant talent, from software engineering to woodworking. Second, being a community college doesn't exclude City College from being a research institution. By investing in research facilities, City College can generate additional revenue from state and federal research grants while increasing enrollment by building a reputation as both a research and educational foundation.

  • Education: I hold a Bachelor's in Economics from UC Berkeley and a Master's in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University. 

  • Public Service: I was awarded the "2020 Director's Award for Excellence" from the MT Department of Agriculture for service during the Covid-19 pandemic, started the Supplies for Success philanthropy which, in conjunction with the Salvation Army, donated carloads of school supplies to middle schools in Bozeman, and currently serves as an Election Inspector for the City of San Francisco.

  • Career: Primarily a data engineer, I have had an eclectic career from technology reporter, to startup director, to gold miner, and now energy analyst.

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